Las películas llegan más rápido a Internet, a través de los canales oficiales.

New for Zattoo and Waipu: Filmtastic

Movies reach the Internet faster, through official channels.

Zattoo and Waipu include Filmtastic on their own show at the same time, but they still integrate the movie channel very differently.

With Filmtastic, two other streaming providers now include a channel in their show that can mainly shine with good, well-known movies. Filmtastic has been available on Amazon for a long time and can now be obtained from Zattoo and Waipu as well. Only the integration strategy is different, as Waipu is initially focusing on a campaign for the current December.

Every day a new film from the FILMTASTIC range is hidden behind the corresponding door of the advent calendar. Early December highlights include the acclaimed science fiction drama “Snowpiercer,” the film adaptation of the novel “The English Patient,” which won nine Academy Awards, and the American film satire “Men Who Look at Goats.”

The film’s highlights, which have already been ‘opened’ through the small door, are still available to users on demand throughout the month of December. Fans can expect a wide range of high-quality movies and award-winning Hollywood entertainment for pleasant December evenings.

Zattoo offers a subscription to Filmtastic

As with Amazon, Filmtastic can also be booked on Zattoo, which is possible independently of the Zattoo subscription for € 3.99 per month.

The additional subscription offer, which is available to all Zattoo users for € 3.99 per month, is updated every month with selected highlights. Almost all FILMTASTIC content is available to users in HD quality. With this, Zattoo is not only expanding its video on demand offering, but also continuing to focus on the best picture quality, also in the living room at home.