Nueva serie alemana de Netflix: Ist "Cómo vender drogas" tanto como "Oscuro" o tan malo como "Perros de berlín"?

New German Netflix series: Ist "How to sell drugs" as much as "Dark" or as bad as "Berlin dogs"?

New German Netflix series: Ist "How to sell drugs" as much as "Dark" or as bad as "Berlin dogs"?

After “Dark” and “Dogs Of Berlin”, Netflix continues to rely on German series productions, several are currently in the works. Now, the last trick starts with “How to sell drugs online (fast)”: we have seen the first episodes …

Netflix / Bernd Spauke

In “Breaking Bad,” Bryan Cranston sells methamphetamine as a teacher to Walter White so that he can finance his cancer treatment. America’s weakened healthcare system leaves him no choice, and viewers around the world will likely be behind him from minute one of the show. It is not necessary to mention here how the matter ends, because Walter White has become a legend in the world of series. Moritz (Maximilian Mundt) from “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” probably won’t suffer this fate, but we can still remember it …

Picture color and tone meet Netflix

“How to sell medicines online (fast)” is a production of the Cologne bilduntonfabrik, which has made a name for itself mainly with the production of “Neo Magazin Royale” with Jan Böhmermann.. Thanks to Böhmermann and several sensational satire campaigns, the evening show has become known not only in Germany and has likely opened some doors for the creators of the show as well.

“How to Sell Drugs,” from directors Arne Feldhusen (“Stromberg”) and Lars Montag (“Loneliness, Sex, and Compassion”) is Netflix’s third production after “Dark” and “Dogs Of Berlin.” The streaming giant, which rarely talks about measurable numbers and never really reveals which formats work and which ones don’t, seems to be doing well with German productions so far. After all, some of them will hit our screens later this year. The first season of “How to sell medicines online (fast)” is now available on the platform.

This is what “How to Sell Medicines Online (Fast)” is all about.

Moritz is a pale and thin boy, as he is in the book, a modern nerd. Modern? You read well. It doesn’t have much to do with the nerds of the past decades, because Moritz knows their strengths and tries to actively use them compared to his predecessors.. He’s smart and he knows that will help him.

Netflix / Bernd Spauke

Lisa (Lena Klenke) is Moritz’s great love.

When Moritz loses his girlfriend Lisa (Lena Klenke) to his handsome classmate Dan (Damian Hardung), who spends his free time capoeira and selling drugs, he has to act and begins a very special kind of startup. : sell drugs on the internet. As Moritz, who apparently hasn’t even smoked marijuana, explores the market, deals with greasy merchants, and works out a business plan, his best friend Lenny (Danilo Kamperidis) becomes aware of the technical implementation of an online store. Every cliché of youth is served with joy.

“Nerd Today, Boss Tomorrow”: the youth of today

And yes, the clichés can be found in “How to sell drugs online (fast)” like piles of cocaine on the tables of the oligarchic villages of Ibiza. But, and this is exactly one of the great strengths of the series, the clichés are completely acceptable and tolerable, because they are broken and questioned each time in a self-critical and self-critical way. If you want to shake your head and roll your eyes at the first moment, you have to laugh the next moment, also at yourself. Fortunately, no one is exposed here.

So we would have come to the question of the target group. “How to Sell Medicines Online (Fast)” is primarily aimed at “today’s youth” And that doesn’t mean 30-year-olds who simply resist growing up. Quick cuts, quick follow-up shots, lots of colorful light, Instagram surfaces, and lots of WhatsApp chat streams – those who don’t really know the world of social media and the internet have to be in the middle of the visually playful teenage world. Take good care of yourself …

Tribute and cameos from “The Big Short” at its finest

But! Even veterans, and, according to Moritz, this includes all people born before 1990, are not completely left in the lurch, but thanks to some loving details they are picked up and held hands.. So there are not only sophisticated explanatory texts that recall Adam McKay’s film “The Big Short” and explain, for example, exactly how ecstasy works, but also some guest appearancesthat are guaranteed to make you laugh and maybe even give you goosebumps.

Above all, it is the numerous supporting roles that make up for the series’ small weaknesses.. Bjarne Mädel as an aging drug dealer Buba would have definitely deserved his own spinoff series! Perhaps the dialogues of the protagonists, written by the head of bilduntonfabrik Philipp Käßbohrer and the authors of “Neo Magazin” Sebastian Colley and Stefan Titze, are too long from time to time, perhaps one or another spurt of growth in the empire of drugs be too fast. – These little stumbles didn’t really bother us in the first few episodes we saw.

Netflix / Bernd Spauke

Lenny (Danilo Kamperidis) and Dealer Buba (Bjarne Mädel) go on a trip.

This fact is also thanks to the great main cast, because the characters are interpreted with a lot of love and dedication and therefore they work perfectly.. Especially compared to other German Netflix series, the interpersonal feelings in “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” actually seem natural and understandable. Even the moral index finger, which is rarely raised, never bothers, but has an almost refreshing effect on the intoxication of unleashed images.


“How to Sell Medication Online (Fast)” is a lot of fun, regardless of the age of the viewer, what drugs they take or not.. The entertaining (and short) episodes make you want more, so you’ll want to know quickly if Moritz is making the first million with his dubious start-up and if he can really win back Lisa’s heart. In the long run, the whole thing may not stick in your memory as long as the exceptional production “Dark,” but at least let the misfortune of “Dogs Of Berlin” be easily forgotten.