¡Nuevo!  Vista de niña

New! Girl’s view

New!  Girl's view

Download the free MÄDCHEN view on your smartphone (just search for “Girls View” in the App Store), scan the with the View symbol M(see left) page marked in the brochure and you will automatically access many other digital content.

Experience MÄDCHEN multimedia

You can take a photo of the magazine pages, which are marked with the MÄDCHEN view icon, and then it will be forwarded to the stored content. You can also use the MÄDCHEN view to scan all common QR codes and automatically link to content. How does the MÄDCHEN-view app work? * Step 1: Download the MÄDCHEN view app for free from the iTunes- or Google Play Store down – on your smartphone or tablet. * Step 2: Then open the MÄDCHEN view app (you will see roughly the same view that is available when you open your smartphone camera) and hold your device over a page with the M-View symbol.Step 3: Photograph the page. And zack: A short time later, you come to MÄDCHEN.de to get the appropriate information that we have considered for the corresponding page of the magazine. You can do this as many times as you like and test all the bookmarked pages.We hope you enjoy trying out our new tech gadget!