Google comienza con nuevos Pixel Buds por 179 dólares, solo en los EE. UU. Por ahora

New Google Pixel Buds 3: Here’s what they might look like

Google starts with new Pixel Buds for $ 179, in the US only for now

Google hasn’t even put the Pixel Buds 2 up for sale, as the third generation of headphones may already be shown in a design patent.

Google will soon release the second generation of its own Pixel Buds, and we may already see the third generation in the first pictures. In any case, Google has secured a design patent that could become a final device. This patent is at least much less far-fetched than what other websites want to sell us as future devices from different manufacturers. But it could also simply be a patent that the manufacturer has rejected for a long time. You can’t see much of it anyway, it’s just headphones in a compact form factor.

Pixel Buds 3: patent shows possible Google headphones

And before a third generation, Google should bring the second generation to market first. Interested buyers have been waiting for it since last October and there is still no final sale date for Germany. Also, you can only get on the waiting list in the Google Store. Such a long wait is not exactly helpful when the market also has countless alternatives to offer.