Nueva tendencia de cabello: ¡de ombré a sombré!

New hair trend: from ombré to ombré!

New hair trend: from ombré to ombré!

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wantedthe 08/07/2014 | 15:06

Ombre hair, a hair trend that sparked a mega hype similar to blonde highlights in the 90s. Light ends, dark roots – almost no fashionista hasn’t fallen in love with this hair trend. A difference of four to six shades of color that is noticeable between the hairline and the ends. Schick: There is no question about it, but the trend has been going on for almost three years. Is it really ombré yet? Yes, but the hard ombré is being replaced by the delicate ombré. “Back to naturalness” is the motto of the new ombre trend, which promises a smooth transition between hair tones. Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel and Elizabeth Olsen swear by the new look.

Elizabeth Olsen does it, Lily Aldridge and Jessica Biel do too, and style icon Sarah Jessica Parker wears it in a particularly cool way – they all dress up their heads in somber colors. Sombré, the new magic word in hair trends. Ombré is well known and ombré is still seen on a large number of fashion-loving women, but now an even more modern variant of the two-tone dyeing technique exists.

Goodbye pink tips

True admirers of the duo-color trend even went for the dip dye variant, in which natural hair was seemingly dipped in a pot of paint and the tips were given a striking color like pink, blue, or green instead of their hair. to embellish with ombré. That should be over by now, because now comes the ombre look. That means no more difficult transitions, but the popular step back to naturalness. Ombré hair is by no means new and yet the trend doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. The new dyeing technique is also part of the ombré style. Ombré, just softer, just shaded! Sombré Hair (Soft Ombré) is exactly what the name means: a smooth transition between two shades of color.

Shade really just a softer ombre?

The hit of the new color trend is the completely natural and smooth transitions from dark to light tones. This soft gradient of colors emphasizes each haircut and sets accents of color in the understated step cut. The hair looks stylish and the whole look is lively with a completely natural color scheme. Hard edges, as we know them from the ombré look, no longer exist in the ombré look.

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Dyeing is better only with a professional.

The dyeing procedure is the same for ombré and ombré, only with the latter, the hair is finely divided and treated with more subtle nuances so that the transition is particularly smooth and natural. But it is precisely the naturalness that can be quite difficult with a four to six tone lightening. The ombre trend in particular should therefore only be done on the hair by professionals. While the ombré look with matching combs and the necessary instinct was easy to replicate at home, it is all challenging with ombre coloring. If you think the hairdresser is not necessary, you will probably end up in the ombré again. Because especially with subtle color reflections and skillful braiding and weaving techniques, professionals can color transitions between dark and light particularly naturally.

Blonde, brown, red, black

In general, the dyeing technique is suitable for everyone. But natural transitions can be created especially with blondes and brunettes. But that doesn’t mean redheads aren’t worth their money too. The trend looks more natural with red hair as it is only slightly lightened. Shadow hair is less useful with very dark black hair, as a smooth transition is hardly feasible in this case. Sombré is specially designed for those who are dyeing their hair for the first time or just want to try a new hair color. With the subtle lightening, you can gradually turn the entire head into a few shades of blonde. As with Sarah Jessica Parker, the look looks even better with some color highlights in the lengths and is therefore great for lightening hair color. Ideally, look for a style model that the hairdresser can use as a template to explain where the coloring should start and how light it should be. Photos of other clients with the new style can also help you find out if the stylist already has experience with the new trend or if you should look for a different one.

Taking care of sensitive color reflections

The new look is, of course, particularly beautiful with a long mane. Smoothed out or styled with volume with hot rollers a la Blake Lively, the trend gives your hair more shine and fullness with natural accents. Braided hairstyles also look even more beautiful with ombre coloring, as the braided artwork further benefits the attention and detail. No matter which hairstyle you choose, it is important that the hair and its splendid color shine and shine in a healthy way. A straightening iron can quickly conjure up a soft mane from dull hair, but to ensure that appearances are not deceiving, it is important to straighten hair only when it is really dry. When blow drying you should also make sure you never hold the nozzle too close to the hair, otherwise damp hair would literally boil. If the hair is then styled with natural bristles, it gets a silky shine, which is perfectly complemented by a slight shine enhancer (fine hair spray, full hair serum) and maintains its shine until the next wash.

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