Nuevo ICQ: el primer mensajero de tus padres está regresando

New ICQ: Your Parents’ First Messenger Is Returning

New ICQ: Your Parents' First Messenger Is Returning

ICQ is back, the first messenger for many internet users is celebrating a repeat comeback with ICQ New. Some of the features are quite clever.

ICQ has been an established name in the computing world for over 20 years, but in reality it has only been a relic of the past for over 10 years. We experience users over 30 laughing today when we still know our ICQ numbers by heart. Our kids, on the other hand, will grow up with WhatsApp and Co., they may never have heard of ICQ. Although the messenger has barely played a role for some time, the now Russian parent dares a new try.

ICQ is becoming a modern messenger brings a completely revised ICQ version to the beginning, markets this new beginning as ICQ New. The new application, which inevitably reminds other messengers, wants to incorporate intelligent functions, such as converting voice messages into readable text or intelligent or based responses the context. There’s a video calling feature, groups of up to 25,000 members, and much more.

ICQ is available for smart phones and desktop operating systems. Despite the new apps and features, we don’t expect the revived app to be a huge success. In my opinion, the only really cool thing is to convert voice messages to text, which sooner or later we will find in many applications.