Google Pixel 3 acaba de perder la pantalla de 120 Hz

New in Google Chrome and Firefox Preview for Android

Google Pixel 3 just lost the 120Hz screen

At the same time, some interesting news about browsers arrives. Google releases version 79 for Chrome, while Firefox Preview 3.0 lands.

Two browser updates arrive just in time for the weekend, Google Chrome appears in a new version for Android, and this time Google writes something to the changelog. The new password verification is integrated with version 79, which we also reported a few days ago. Also, it’s now easier to move markers: “Drag the markers to the desired location or tap on a marker’s options menu and choose Up or Down.”

Firefox Preview 3.0 will be rolled out gradually

At the same time, Firefox launches its new Preview 3.0 on the Google Play Store. After the new version was announced a few weeks ago, the rollout seems to start. It may still take a while for everyone to find version 3.0 on theirs. Alternatively, you have APKmirror. These are the news from Mozilla.