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New in WhatsApp for Android: battery optimizations, second call function, fingerprint and more

With a major update to the Android app, WhatsApp Messenger receives three new features and a major battery bug fix.

With the latest app update, WhatsApp for Android has three new features and a major bug fix. WhatsApp recently used excessive battery on some Android smartphones, but this error should be resolved with the latest version of the application. In addition, the messaging service, which is now theoretically banned in Germany, has new functions for groups, fingerprints and calls.

Protect from foreign groups

It is now available for everyone to restrict adding to groups. What everyone was allowed to do before, now only friends can do. Also, individual friends can be excluded. You can find it in WhatsApp settings under Account> Privacy> Groups. Administrators of groups that you are prohibited from adding can only send you limited group invitations.

Secure WhatsApp with your fingerprint

Also in the beta beforehand and now available to all users, the new option to additionally protect WhatsApp Messenger by fingerprint. You can find it in WhatsApp settings under Account> Data protection> Fingerprint lock. But the smartphone has to address the official Android interface for fingerprints.

More options for incoming WhatsApp calls

Last but not least, WhatsApp extends WhatsApp calls. Handling incoming calls while the person you are calling is already on the phone with another person is new. WhatsApp says: “Accept an incoming WhatsApp call with the new second call feature while on another call.”

All new with an update that was implemented in the first week of December. Available through the Play Store.

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