¿Nueva obra maestra de Netflix?  Streaming de película gigante "Doctor extraño" Benedict Cumberbatch

New Netflix masterpiece? Giant movie streaming "Strange doctor" Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch can still be seen in theaters in “Avengers: Endgame.” His new project “The Power Of The Dog” is not only ideal to generate great expectations thanks to him. Netflix has now secured the adaptation of the novel.

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For some time now, Netflix has tried harder to include world-class film productions in its portfolio and recently played a major role at the Oscars, where “Roma” was not awarded Best Picture, but with a total of three Golden Boys. . Another prestigious project like this is “The Power Of The Dog”.

Netflix has now secured the rights to exclusively release the adaptation of Thomas Savage’s 1967 novel in much of the world. Netflix will publish the film in Germany and the United States, among others, and the streaming service wants to take it to theaters in some cases, as it did with “Roma” (to, for example, meet the Oscar criteria).

This is what “The Power of the Dog” is all about.

The fact that the project is already being negotiated has so much to do with the powerful story and strong actors: The focus is on two brothers who own a large ranch, but they couldn’t be more different.. Benedict Cumberbatch plays one of them, quite calm but very meticulous. When he secretly married a local widow, it infuriated his brother. He is as brilliant as he is cruel and devises a sadistic plan to destroy the new woman in his family. While this role is still available, the woman will be played by “The Handmaid’s Tale” star Elisabeth Moss.


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“The power of the dog” deserves special attention, because with her Jane Campion finally returns to direct a movie. Most recently he made the series “Top Of The Lake”, his last film “Bright Star” was screened in theaters in 2009, his masterpiece “Das Piano” (5 stars here on FILMSTARTS.de) earned him an Oscar for Screenplay and an Oscar in 1994 another nomination for directing.

We still have to be patient a little longer. “The Power of the Dog” is still filming and will hit Netflix in 2021.