Nuevas publicaciones: aspectos técnicos destacados de los últimos 10 años

New publications: technical highlights of the last 10 years

New publications: technical highlights of the last 10 years

Instagram, Snapchat, iPad and Co., many gadgets and Internet services have been on the market for less than 10 years.

There were a lot of great tech products in the 10’s, which we remember with a little infographic. One of the highlights of the products introduced since 2010 is the Apple iPad, for example. No other tablet has been able to anchor itself in society like this one. Any other tablet, mainly Android, is quickly forgotten. The iPad will lead this product category for a long time to come.

Many Internet products are still very young

In the last 10 years, however, Internet services have also emerged, which today dominate our daily lives with social applications. TikTok just cleared the field, Instagram has been around for nine years, and Twitch has been around since 2011.

The end of the current decade is near. From a technical point of view, the last ten years have also been characterized by various innovations: Apple introduced the iPad in 2010 and set the trend, followed by the Apple Watch in 2015 and the Airpods in the following year, as the Statista graph shows. Among social media, Facebook drew significant competition from Instagram (which has since been bought out by the company), Pinterest, Snapchat (from which Facebook copied important features), and TikTok. With Twitch, games became more interactive and are now played almost exclusively online, while Slack revolutionized office communication.

I myself only use Instagram and Amazon Echo in everyday life.