Nuevo record: "Las chicas muertas no mienten" es la serie de la que más se habla en Twitter en 2017

New record: "Dead girls don’t lie" is the series most talked about on Twitter in 2017

New record: "Dead girls don't lie" is the series most talked about on Twitter in 2017

As reported by Variety, “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” is not only the most discussed Netflix series on Twitter to date, but also the most discussed series on the short message service in 2017, before “Vampire Diaries” and “ The Walking Dead ”.


No other Netflix series was tweeted so much after the start, no other series from the streaming service was searched so frequently on Google in Germany. The new data also shows that there is a great need to talk about “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”, also known as “For Thirteen Reasons”: how Variety Learned from Twitter, Suicidal Drama Aftermath is the series featured in most tweets in 2017. As of March 30, 2017, more than eleven million out of 140-character maximum articles related to “Dead Girls Don’t Lie ”.

This puts the Netflix series on Twitter ahead of long-standing vampires and zombies: “Vampire Diaries” and “The Walking Dead” follow “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” in second and third places (where Variety does not specify the number of tweets here). The following of the actors increased on Twitter in parallel with the boom: Christian Navarro, for example, who plays Tony, the fan favorite, had 625 followers on Twitter before the premiere of “Tote Mädchen”. Now there are more than 94,000.

As always with its content, Netflix keeps the number of views of “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” secret.

Actress and singer Selena Gomez, out loud Variety The person with the most followers on Instagram gave her opinion as an executive producer on “Dead Girls Don’t Lie.” The series takes place in a high school setting where 17-year-old Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) was a student. Before her suicide, she recorded the reasons that led her to make the drastic decision on various tapes: the names of the classmates she blames. Clay (Dylan Minnette), who was in love with Hannah, is one of the listeners and wonders if he is responsible too …

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