Nueva serie "24": se supone que Jack Bauer regresará

New series “24”: Jack Bauer is supposed to return

New serie "24": Jack Bauer is supposed to return


What great news: we will have new “24” episodes soon, with Jack Bauer at the center of the plot!

When the first season of “24” aired on television in 2001, you knew immediately that you were facing a truly exceptional series. The real-time narrative about counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) was so exciting that you could hardly wait for the next episode, and that makes “24” a co-founder of binge eating! And now, as Variety reports, a new series from the same universe should prepare us for a reunion with Jack Bauer.

However, the new project from showrunner Howard Gordon and the original’s creators, Joel Genealogie and Robert Cochran, is a prequel. Thus, we will see a younger Jack Bauer in his exciting attempts to protect the world from terrorist attacks. So Kiefer Sutherland probably won’t be there.

“24” just a hit with Jack Bauer?

Already with the series “24: Legacy” they tried to take advantage of the success of the suspense series. However, the spin-off, in which other agents take over Jack’s job, failed and was canceled after just one season. Thus, the prequel returns to focus on the farmer who works with controversial means such as torture. It is not yet clear when the new season “24” will come out. The project is currently in the development phase. Therefore, details about the cast are not yet known.

“24” is definitely one of the series that should be seen. Like this:

Did he also devour “24” like I did before? Then surely you should wait for the new series. In any case, I’m excited and can’t wait to see Jack Bauer turn into Jack Bauer.

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