Nuevo "Los Sims 4"-DLC: EA vuelve a destruir las esperanzas de los fans

New "The sims 4"-DLC: EA destroys fans’ hopes again

New "The sims 4"-DLC: EA destroys fans' hopes again

It was only with the latest “Star Wars” DLC for The Sims 4 that publisher EA greatly annoyed fans of the series. Things are not looking any better in the near future either – the next expansion is likely to disappoint players again.



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New DLC: EA puts fans off again

After the latest shit storm EA harvested for the launch of the “Star Wars” expansion for The Sims 4, it will likely continue in the same way with the upcoming DLC. The developers of the life simulation are now writing a letter to fans and well react to the last bitter reply by the community.

They make it clear that they are aware of player criticism and want to work to implement wishes. You will start with that Expand the range of skin tones and I want to keep the community updated. They also emphasize that representing diversity is important to them and they would like to focus more on this.

The next few weeks should Introducing a new extension which the developers have been working on since last year. They want to openly communicate that this DLC will also not contain the much sought after game items such as bunk beds, cars and agriculture. Already disappointed fans probably won’t like this news.

Even if the developers emphasize that they will do so in the future more transparent proceed and the community more intensively with information inform about development processes I want to, that should be of little comfort if feedback is rarely or not taken into account at all. A great review from the EA community.

The team behind The Sims 4 also notes that Development processes take a long time and some of the wishes are only possible through fundamental changes in technology or require in-depth study of designs. They also want to give the right importance to the implementation of the requested functions and only share information when changes are imminent.

Until EA and the developers behind The Sims 4 implement the desired features, you can improve your game yourself with the following modifications:

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It’s good to see that EA and The Sims 4 developers are eager to hear from the community and communicate more openly. However, this is not the first letter that fans have received, and consequently, player hopes that the desired changes will actually occur in the near future should be low.