Nuevo en Amazon: "Veneno" así como cuatro grandes películas por solo 99 centavos cada una

New to Amazon: "Poison" as well as four great movies for just 99 cents each

New on Amazon: "Poison" as well as four great movies for just 99 cents each

It’s that time again – starting today, you can rent ten movies from Amazon as part of Friday’s movie night for just one euro each, in HD.

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Amazon offers customers of its premium delivery service “Prime” a large catalog of movies and series that can be seen at no additional charge. Those who pay 69 euros for the one-year subscription have the option. This low-priced model, which only a dominant global corporation can afford without bankruptcy, is complemented by the option to buy or rent additional movies and series not included in the Prime catalog. From time to time, Prime customers can do this especially cheaply.

From today through Sunday (June 2, 2019) ten movies are offered for 99 cents each. Those who borrow them have 30 days to access the respective video. There are 48 hours left after the first start. The most commercially successful of these films is the comic book adaptation “Venom” with Tom Hardy as a reporter, who is attacked by an alien force and then has to fight a sometimes very funny fight against himself. Hardy is clearly the highlight in this overall average blockbuster, which is expected to continue into 2020.

The overview on Amazon.*

There are also four titles on offer, which we’ve rated 4 stars: the original mischievous comedy “Nur ein kleine Gefallen” with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, the entertaining ’80s nerd festival “Predator – Upgrade”, the poignant art drama “Werk ohne Autor” by our man in Hollywood Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and the oppressive antiwar movie “A Private War” with a great Rosamund Pike.

The other movies are:

and the action drama “A Prayer Before Dawn,” which received very little attention in German theaters in late 2018.

New on Amazon: German trailer for “Good Omens”

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