Nueva York: Emma Watson pronuncia un conmovedor discurso en las Naciones Unidas

New York: Emma Watson delivers moving speech at the United Nations

New York: Emma Watson delivers moving speech at the United Nations


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The otherwise sovereign actress’s voice trembled a bit as she delivered her moving speech at the United Nations in New York. In retrospect, he received thunderous applause and standing ovations, and with good reason. Since the beginning of the year, Watson has been the UN’s special ambassador for equality and, as they quickly noted from the emotionally charged speech, this is a true matter of the heart for the young actress. Find out all about the new “HeforShe” gender equality campaign here and in our image gallery!

Anyone who still associates Emma Watson with the little girl from Harry Potter, who played the female lead role Hermione Granger in the Hollywood hit Harry Potter and who became famous for her innocent appearance somewhere between nerdism and know-it-all attitude , is far from it. Watson left the girl behind a long time ago; The British-born woman is now a seasoned college graduate, an established actress, and more recently a United Nations special envoy. We at think that Ms Watson is slowly but surely developing real role model potential and is sending exactly the right signals, especially in today’s times of sexual sales and shallowness.

Emma Watson presents her campaign “HeforShe”

During his speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York, Watson presented the great new project “HeForShe”. The persistent gender imbalance will be addressed with this campaign, which is all about tolerance, understanding and compassion. “The more I talk about feminism, the more I notice that the fight for women’s rights has become synonymous with hatred of men”, Watson explained the intent behind “HeForShe.” She also had the unpleasant experience that feminism was seen as aggressive and unappealing. His conclusion: “This has to end!” However, the 24-year-old actress was not only concerned about the equal rights of women at work and in everyday life, but also about the fact that men themselves would be victims of clichés: “I want the men to take off this coat. So that their daughters, sisters and mothers can be free from prejudice, but so that their children can also be vulnerable and human as well, to recover those parts of themselves that they have closed for a more honest and complete version. to become yourself “.

Consequently, Watson addressed his speech directly to the male part of the population and demanded that they also become active.: “How can we change the world when only half the population has a voice? Men, I would like to invite you to join the conversation. Equality is your business too! “

By the way, one of the first to sign the “HeforShe” campaign was UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who sees himself as a great advocate for equality. Ban Ki-moon has promoted more women to higher positions in the past seven years than in the past 60 years at the UN.

Reaction the next day: hatred and threats

In addition to the numerous positive comments across all social media channels and the prompt and prominent support, there were also unpleasant reactions. The hateful posts and threats on the internet shed a sad light on Watson’s courageous speech to the UN. For example, a hacker threatened a countdown to post nude photos of Watson, the hashtag on Twitter. #RIPEmmaWatson and images of false reports of his alleged sudden death circulated. It is sad to know that in 2014 equality is still a distant goal and that there are real enemies of equality among us.

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