Nuevos descubrimientos de YouTube: recordatorio de la hora de dormir y videos cortos a la TikTok

New YouTube Discoveries: Bedtime Reminder and Short Videos to TikTok

YouTube expects new features in the future, including a copy of TikTok and another feature for digital well-being.

For longer videos, YouTube is the undisputed platform, but all the shorter videos are more at home on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. It’s even more exciting why YouTube hasn’t been able to combine the two so far. There is a history function, but it doesn’t seem to get any buzz. Possibly it should be better with shorts, several outlets unanimously reported. Instead of setting up a new app, the TikTok copy should be done directly in the main YouTube app.

“This feature has reportedly allowed users to create and upload short videos using YouTube’s licensed music library. These videos are displayed in a new source on the Android and iOS clients. “

In addition to the exclusive reports, there are also various signs of shorts in the source code of the current Android application. Now it is only a matter of time before the new shorts are available on YouTube.

Memories of bedtime

What can also be found in the source code of the application is the new “Bedtime Reminder”. A future new feature that reminds the user at night to slowly put the phone aside. The text modules found are clear. Users can set a time period when they will be reminded if they are still watching YouTube videos during this period.

  • “Remember me when it’s time to sleep”
  • “Wait until the video ends to show the reminder”

So if you don’t have the discipline yourself and then find it difficult to get out of bed every morning, you may be disciplined with your smartphone in the future. Although this feature might be really good if you have difficulty converting on different shifts.

XDA, 9toGoogle