Los recién llegados a Queensberry

Newcomers to Queensberry

There was wild speculation for weeks. Queensberry: First Antonella left, then she also went up Vici Outside, the constant pressure was obviously getting too much for her. Now it’s four of the girls again – joined by Gabby and Leo Ronja (20) and Selina (17): Ronja Hilbig used to be with the “Lollipops”. Selina Herrero also has musical experience (“Don’t Be Shy”) and now she really wants to start with Queensberry.

It remains to be seen how fans react to the two newcomers to Queensberry. Many are disappointed with the departure of Anto and Vichi. What you think? Does Queensberry have a future? Or are the days of Pop stars-Are the winners of 2008 counted? We look forward to your comment!

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