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News from the “Red Ribbons Club”

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2nd season

Soon there will be new episodes of “Club der rote Bänder”. In the second season of the young clinical series there are not only two new faces, but also many exciting stories that touch the heart.

Starting on 7 November, it will be time to commiserate and cross your fingers: as VOX has already confirmed, the second season of “Club der rote Bänder” will air in double episodes on Mondays at 8.15pm. The characters of the series have taken the hearts of German television fans by storm. The plot revolves around a group of teenagers who meet and make friends at the hospital. As a sign of union, they wear red surgical bracelets.

Reunion with the “Club de las Cintas Rojas”

For the extraordinary script and good implementation, the “Club der rote Bänder” was awarded this year with the German and Bavarian television awards. So the bar for the second season is correspondingly high. However, there are many stories that absolutely must be passed on. How will Hugo (Nick Julius Schuck) come back to life after the coma? And can Leo (Tim Oliver Schultz) leave the hospital shortly after chemotherapy? It should also interest the audience if Emma (Luise Befort) has overcome her anorexia and Toni (Ivo Kortlang) will be able to live with her grandfather in the future.

Fresh blood

Also, the “Red Ribbon Club” can expect new members. With Lucas Reiber (“Fack ju Göhte 2”) and Nele Schepe (“Soko Wismar”) there are two young actors who could help make the series even more addictive. And if you’re curious now, you can start over: VOX will stream the first season again starting October 3.

We have already seen the first episodes, but we will definitely see them a second time. That shortens the wait time for the second season and brings us even closer to Hugo, Leo and company.

Image source: VOX / Guido Lange