Xiaomi no trae nada nuevo para la serie Mix por ahora, deja caer Mi Mix Alpha

Next hit for Huawei: Google is forcing manufacturers to flag Google apps

Xiaomi does not bring anything new for the Mix series for now, drops Mi Mix Alpha

Manufacturers with new deals with Google appear to be forced to market Google applications on the packaging of their Android smartphones.

At the moment, Huawei is trying to more or less hide the Google topic under the table, they are simply pushing their own software and want to keep the topic as little mentioned as possible for customers. Logically, a “No Google Apps” would certainly not be a good advertisement. Only in the media is it talked about from time to time. Now, Google has hit hard, demanding a special new feature from all manufacturers with Google apps. One of the Xiaomi people announced that now a new Google brand will be “forced” for new devices.

Smartphone packaging receives eye-catching branding for Google apps

If a smartphone is certified for Google applications, this information should also appear prominently on the device’s packaging. The letters appear several times on the packaging of the Xiaomi Mi 10 “With easy access to the Google applications you use the most”. Xiaomi responded to the lawsuit with a statement that is still vague. “This line on our Mi 10 series packaging boxes is in line with Google’s long-standing brand guidelines to ensure that consumers are properly informed about the software on the device.”

It has not yet been finally clarified whether this mark is really a new requirement in partner agreements. In any case, Xiaomi seems to have renewed an agreement with Google in which the aforementioned brand becomes an integral part. Like the “Powered by Android” letters that new devices show when they start up. Google thus strengthens its Android and Google brands, which is a disadvantage for those who can no longer play this game. We can only think of Huawei for the moment.