Nokia 9.3 debería traer algunas innovaciones de cámara

Next Nokia 9 again with Penta camera but 108 MP?

A successor to the failed Nokia 9 is said to have been brewing for some time, now a source wants to reveal more about the five-fold main camera again.

After an initial euphoria, Hmd quickly lost its momentum, the smartphone maker has so far not achieved a single real success with the “new Nokia” and has recently sunk into insignificance again. Even the first Nokia 9 Pureview with a quintuple main camera was only able to provide an aha moment for a short time, the extended camera aimed too much at a specific and very small target group.

Nokia 9: Another late flagship with a lot of cameras?

It could be done better with the upcoming Nokia 9, which will bring out details again. Nokia supposedly wants to use cameras like other manufacturers in the future, so each camera sensor has its own function. The basis should be a 64 MP sensor with optical image stabilization, and the ultra wide angle should be available even with 108 MP. There are additional camera sensors for macro, telephoto (zoom), and depth. At least one source claims that the recipients of the information are skeptical.

In principle, it is not surprising that the new Nokia devices also come with four or five cameras. You just have to ditch the concept of the first Nokia 9 and take a different route. The company is said to have postponed the first successor to the Nokia 9 several times.