Niall Horan: ¿está celebrando el día de San Valentín con Meghan Trainor?

Niall Horan: Are You Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Meghan Trainor?

Niall Horan: Are You Celebrating Valentine's Day With Meghan Trainor?

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wantedthe 02/05/2015 | 12:09

In nine days, all the signs in the world will again point to love. But in One Direction-Beau Niall Horan there is currently no lady in sight that he can spend Valentine’s Day with. Meghan Trainor would like to change that …

Niall Horan is looking for a girlfriend

Did the “All About That Bass” singer take Niall Horan a fool? As revealed by Meghan Trainor to the British online portal “Metro”, He could well imagine celebrating love day with the One Direction hottie. She knows Harry Styles quite well, but only Niall Horan seems to have impressed her. When asked who she would be spending Valentine’s Day with, Meghan Trainor replied quite clearly: “Niall Horan! He’s a gentleman, all the other boys passed me. And he came up to me and said, ‘I love your song, congratulations.’

Niall Horan is still looking for love

While Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malin have been around for a long time in firm hands and sometimes even committed It really doesn’t work out true love with Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Friendships and romances are said to repeat themselves over and over again, but none of them seem to be truly in love.

Meghan Trainor would celebrate Valentine’s Day with Niall Horan

And Meghan Trainor probably won’t be able to change that either, after all, her boyfriend should have something against it. The 21-year-old is said to be in a relationship with Nick Jonas’s manager. Therefore, Niall Horan will have to keep looking for a girlfriend. Maybe you will find them in Melbourne. On the day of love, One Direction will offer a concert in the Australian metropolis.

Niall Horan and Meghan Trainor would theoretically make a good couple, but so far nothing else seems to be going on between the two. However, we are sure that One Direction love does not have to spend the day of love alone, unless they want to!Image Source: Vince Cligiuri / Getty Images / Chris Jackson / Getty Images)