Niall Horan: ¿tiene una nueva novia?

Niall Horan: Do you have a new girlfriend?

Rumor mill

wantedon 06/18/2014 | 10:26

After Niall Horan broke up with Czech model Barbara Palvin in February, rumor mill was boiling over his love life. Among other things, the One Direction star is said to have dated Selena Gomez and a Brazilian singer. Now Niall Horan has supposedly been seen making out with an Irish model, has he taken the 1D hottie again?

Niall Horan is said to be newly in love. Apparently, One Direction’s teenage crush has its eye on Irish model Thalia Heffernan. There should have even been a kiss between the two of them! A source told British tabloid The Sun that Niall Horan is praising the Irish model he has been dating recently.: “Thalía is a really beautiful girl, inside and out. Niall is quite in love with her. “

Niall Horan is said to be newly in love.

Although Niall Horan is eager to see Thalia Heffernan again, according to the “Sun,” a meeting between Niall Horan and the model currently remains difficult. The reason for this is said to be the diaries full of both: “Niall never stays long in one place and Thalía travels all over the world due to her modeling career, so it will be difficult to meet her,” said the source. .

Niall Horan was supposed to be paired with Harry Styles’ sister

Before Niall Horan took a look at Thalia Heffernan, his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles wanted to pair him up with his sister Gemma. Harry’s older sister is usually there when One Direction goes on tour and thus he met Niall Horan, who is said to have fallen in love with. But apparently Niall Horan has now taken a look at another lady.

Although Niall Horan has been said to have had many affairs since breaking up with Babara Palvin, this time he seems to be truly in love. Perhaps Niall Horan and Thalia Heffernan have a stable relationship despite their busy schedules. The teenager in love with One Direction would definitely enjoy it!

Image Source: © Getty Images / Carl Court