Niall Horan: ¿está secuestrado?

Niall Horan: is he kidnapped?

Niall Horan: is he kidnapped?

1D-Boy assigned?

wantedon 02/17/2015 | 12:00

After Harry Styles seems to be deeply in love with his Nadine, the last boy from One Direction should now also be taken. Who did Niall Horan seem deeply in love with in Australia?

This news is likely to plunge Directioners into deep crisis around the world: Niall Horan, one of One Direction’s last remaining singles, is said to have caught it too! Like several Twitter snapshots posted by fans of the British boy band, the 21-year-old appears to be deeply in love.

Niall Horan: is he in love?

As part of their “On the Road Again” tour, the five beauties are currently in Australia, where they never miss a chance to make the night life unsafe. This was not the first time that Niall Horan was accompanied by a beautiful brunette that the relevant media wished they had identified as an Australian named Melissa Anne.

Niall Horan: is he off the market?“Oh my gosh, Horan and Melissa. They were seen in the casino, they kissedScreeched a One Direction fan, confirming the footage showing Niall Horan in a passionate embrace with said beauty. But are the images really real? The recordings released by “Sugarscape”, among others, are quite blurry, but in them you can see Niall Horan quite clearly. The date at the casino that the 1D hottie had with the brunette shouldn’t have been the first either. As the online platform also reports, Melissa Anne has already been seen backstage at the band’s concerts several times, always in the vicinity of Niall Horan!

Niall Horan now also appears to be off the market; This should be bad news for millions of users, but we’re happy for the sweet blonde! And his Melissa Anne is also quite nice to see … Image Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images