Niall Horan: ¿nueva novia al principio?

Niall Horan: new girlfriend at first?

Niall Horan: new girlfriend at first?

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Anne Lüftneron 03/09/2016 | 10:48

Niall Horan is definitely having a run with the ladies right now. The former One Direction singer has just been rumored to be in a relationship with Selena Gomez, but now she’s been spotted with another beauty who recently enjoyed another music star.

Niall Horan has a lot of fans

His One Direction career has been put on hold for now, but Niall Horan is obviously making good use of his new free time. The 22-year-old is currently on a dating course and after allegedly having sex with Justin Bieber, former Selena Gomez a few weeks ago, he now apparently has an awkward musician colleague. At the beginning of the year, Jessica Serfaty was spotted on a ski trip with heartthrob Joe Jonas, according to “Promiflash,” but now she seems to have changed her mind.

The beautiful candidate for “America’s Next Top Model” is currently being quite well received by the men of show business, and Niall Horan seems to have fallen in love with her too. As a source reported to “The Sun” magazine, the two met at a sporting event in Las Vegas and immediately grew closer.

Niall Horan: The beginning of a love?

Did Jessica capture Niall’s heart?

“They spent the whole night very close and had a lot of physical contact. They kissed in the hall. There’s no question that something is going on between the two of them, ”said the insider, who probably knows Niall Horan’s love life very well. It is not predictable if the two are now firmly in a relationship or the rumors will dissolve in their favor.

Niall Horan and Jessica Serfaty would make a cute couple, but both maybe still single they probably can’t save themselves from the bargains right now. We do not expect a confirmation of love at the moment.

Image Sources: GettyImages / Kevin Winter (cover), GettyImages / Jason Kempin