Nick Jonas lo tiene todo detrás de las orejas

Nick Jonas has it all behind his ears

Bad boy?

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They were still innocent back then: In 2005, Kevin, Joe, and Nick founded the Jonas Brothers. But while Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas are increasingly disappearing from the limelight, Nick Jonas has really gotten going since last year. Now he was talking about the consequences of fame.

Nick Jonas was actually always known as the girl from the Jonas Brothers. Even then, the singer was not an angel, but compared to today, Nick Jonas was a true lamb of innocence. “I’ve never smoked marijuana with my Disney co-stars,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone. And he also remembers: “Back then I was more careful. I didn’t party too much at fifteen, which was probably better this way. Since then I have relaxed. My years at Disney seem like a long, long time ago.“For us too, because at least since his sexy photoshoot with Flaunt magazine, Nick Jonas’s image has suddenly changed.

Nick Jonas has turned into a sexy daredevil

Ever since Nick Jonas took off his underwear for “Flaunt” magazine and posed in clear positions, the singer has been a sex symbol, not only in the women’s world, but also in the gay community. “I would not necessarily see myself as a gay icon”Nick Jonas continued in an interview, “But my goal last year was to broaden my horizons and grow as a person and as an artist, and supporting my gay fans was a priority. Some of my gay friends thanked me for this and it feels great.Nick Jonas is partying with Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Jay-Z

Nick Jonas’s party life has changed too, he continues. While he held back back then, he is now celebrating with Taylor Swift and her famous friends, among others. So the singer shared an image on Instagram, in which you can see him and his girlfriend Olivia Culpo at Taylor Swift’s December party. “I think the tequila talked about me,” Nick Jonas explained in an interview. “It was a fun night. Taylor threw a really good party. And he was pretty elated to hang out with Jay-Z and Beyonce!Nick Jonas has evolved from a cute next door boy to a muscular sex symbol in recent years. A transformation that we can only fully approve of, quite selflessly of course!

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