¡Nicky Hilton se comprometió!

Nicky Hilton got engaged!

Nicky Hilton got engaged!


wantedon 09/20/2014 | 08:37

Is it or is it not? The media has been speculating for weeks on whether Nicky Hilton got engaged to her boyfriend James Rothschild. Now the little sister of Paris Hilton has put a nice end to all the rumors and has published a romantic photographic test on Instagram. It seems that Nicky Hilton has finally found happiness.

In the past, Nicky Hilton was best known as a party girl who never missed a party with her older sister Paris. Meanwhile, the pretty blonde has come to rest and has made a name for herself as a designer. A good three years ago, Nicky Hilton met and fell in love with the son of banker James Rothschild. And exactly this young man has now dropped to his knees in front of Nicky Hilton!

Nicky Hilton got engaged

For some time there has been a persistent rumor that Nicky Hilton and her loved one are said to have gotten engaged. A source even told Us Weekly how the young man is said to have asked about the hotel heiress: “You went on a romantic trip over the weekend. He kidnapped her on a boat trip on Lake Como and asked her to come… He got down on his knees and all that! It was incredibly romantic and wonderful! ” However, Nicky Hilton and her alleged fiancé have never confirmed these rumors.Nicky Hilton is delighted

Until now! Now, to the delight of his fans, Nicky Hilton posted a snapshot of himself in front of the Eiffel Tower. On it, however, you can see not only the beautiful blonde and the most famous landmark in the city, but also a large sparkling ring adorning the hand of little sister Hilton. Nicky Hilton also wrote: “Engagement Trip to Paris.” As a result, the designer was naturally inundated with countless congratulations from her loyal fans.Of course, we also congratulate Nicky Hilton on her engagement and wish her and her loved one all the best for the future. It seems that Nicky Hilton has not only grown up, but finally has the perfect man by her side. How nice!

Image Source: Instagram / nickyhilton