Nicole Kidman está en estado de shock

Nicole Kidman is in shock

Nicole Kidman is in shock

Mourning period

wantedon 09/16/2014 | 10:46

After the deaths of Joan Rivers and Robin Williams, Hollywood was shocked again last Friday: Nicole Kidman’s father was murdered in an extremely tragic way. When Dr. Antony Kidman fell in a hotel room in Singapore, he was injured so badly that he died shortly thereafter. How is actress Nicole Kidman doing after the horrible loss of her father?

Nicole Kidman and her sister Antonia are currently facing a severe blow of fate. Their father was everything to the two sisters and their mother, Janelle. Hollywood star Nicole Kidman’s parents were married for a whopping 50 years, adding to the immeasurable loss of Antony Kidman. The Oscar winner appears to be so devastated by the death of her father that she is in a real state of shock, as she claims to have discovered “Us Weekly.”

Nicole Kidman is struggling a lot with her father’s death

For Nicole Kidman, her father Antony was not only an immensely great role model, but also a good friend whom she gladly took to public events. The deceased was an excellent psychologist and scientist whom the “Moulin Rouge” actress could always admire. The American-Australian actress also spoke openly about her fabulous relationship with her father in the press: “He’s a great dad, I can call him at three in the morning and he’ll be there for me.”Nicole Kidman gushed a while ago.

Nicole Kidman is supported by her husband Keith Urban

To be there for each other during the difficult time of grief, “To Die For” actress Nicole Kidman and her two daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret flew to their homeland in Australia. Her husband Keith Urban, of course, traveled with his wives in order to support his beloved and, of course, his mother-in-law Janelle during this low phase. The 46-year-old singer appears to be a true support for Nicole Kidman’s grief. After the tragic and fatal accident, the country star is there for the 47-year-old and helps her with every difficult minute to cope with the loss of her father. Although rumors of a possible marital crisis circulated recently, now all disagreements seem to have been exceeded. In a really difficult time, a family has to stick together.

Musician Keith Urban proves to his wife Nicole Kidman that he is there for her not only in good times, but also in bad. After fate’s hard blow last week, the actress now needs more support and love than ever to cope with the death of her beloved father.

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