Nicole Kidman ama la vida sencilla

Nicole Kidman loves the simple life

In the countryside

wantedthe 09/04/2014 | 17:28

Not everyone is fighting for a life in the Hollywood Hills. Initially incomprehensible to ordinary people, Nicole Kidman openly admits that life in Hollywood is too exhausting for her and that she is happy to live in the idyllic country in the heart of Tennessee every day. Even a star like Nicole Kidman can lead a normal life here.

She is beautiful. She is an outstanding actress. In 2003 Nicole Kidman even received the Oscar for best female lead in “The Hours.” And yet the 46-year-old enjoys living her life away from all the hype in Hollywood. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband Keith Urban and their daughters Sunday and Faith. There it is possible that a Hollywood star like Nicole Kidman leads a normal life.

Nicole Kidman loves country life

In an interview with talk show host Queen Latifah, Nicole Kidman admitted that she fits in in the South and that she is given the “simple” and “normal” life she desires. “I’m a weird mix: I’ve always liked acting and getting used to my roles, but on the other hand, I like this simple life behind the white garden fence.” Nicole Kidman herself cannot explain this tear between glamor and garden fence. The native Australian prefers to spend time with family rather than always being on the go or going out at night. “I’m kind of a television junkie,” Nicole Kidman says of herself.

Nicole Kidman is still Australian

But now that she lives in Nashville, the question remains what will become of her Australian accent. The pronunciation in Nashville is a bit different than in Australia, after all. Is Nicole Kidman not going to adapt her own language style sooner or later? No, she gives the go-ahead. Her daughters speak with a southern accent, but she can’t afford it. “If I lose my Australian accent, Australia will kick me out,” Nicole Kidman said.A quiet life in the country can be a beneficial way to balance a stressful time in Hollywood. Celebrity can also be very stressful when you are in the spotlight 24/7 and, as in the case of Nicole Kidman, you can’t walk out your door without being harassed by paparazzi or fans. And your country of birth certainly won’t immediately deny your origins if you try the southern accent a bit.

Image Source: Getty Images / Valerie Hache