Nicole Richie: ¿Se ha vuelto loca de nuevo?

Nicole Richie: Has she gone crazy again?

Nicole Richie: Has she gone crazy again?


wantedthe 22/10/2014 | 11:46

For years, “The Simple Life” star Nicole Richie struggled with her weight problems and was repeatedly noted for her underweight. After her pregnancies, the It girl seemed to be going uphill again, but now the 33-year-old woman with her emaciated body is again cause for concern.

In 2006, it was announced publicly for the first time that Nicole Richie suffered from anorexia. But after therapy, she gained weight again, and with the founding of her family with her husband Joel Madden and their two children, it seemed that the It girl had made a full recovery. Now it seems that anorexia has caught up with Nicole Richie, after all.

Nicole Richie looks terribly haggard

Nicole Richie was supposed to present her new jewelry collection on Saturday. Jewelry, of course, should be the focus of the event. Unfortunately, something else stole the show from them: Bony shoulders, thin arms and legs, and sunken cheeks – Nicole Richie has not appeared in public for a long time so terrifyingly emaciated. The 33-year-old also wore a fitted corsage that accentuated her bony cleavage. Has the SUV fallen into the trap of anorexia again?

Nicole Richie is never seen eating in publicNicole Richie’s family is apparently also concerned about the 33-year-old. Because the it girl has never been seen eating in public, not during school parties or during other events. “Nicole is so skinny right now, that’s really sad,” revealed a source from Nicole Richie’s environment to “RadarOnline.” “His bones stick out and he continues to lose weight.” In Hollywood, the crazy “Size Triple Zero” craze has long been popular and is also implemented by model Alexa Chung among others.

It seems that Nicole Richie has gone crazy again. In doing so, she worries her family and especially her husband Joel Madden. Hopefully, he will recover soon so that he can recover quickly and overcome the terrible illness once and for all. Image Source: Photo by Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images for GlamHouse Group