Nicole Scherzinger se puede reservar

Nicole Scherzinger can be booked

Nicole Scherzinger can be booked

Face serenade

wantedthe 10/01/2014 | 12:01 pm

Sex bomb Nicole Scherzinger apparently knows how to make the business work – for a brief appearance from the exotic famous lady, you need to dig deep into your pockets. 36-year-old ex pussy doll knows exactly where to go!

Even if Nicole Scherzinger celebrities get unimaginable sums to ordinary consumers for one of their little appearances in a particularly private atmosphere, it is certainly no longer an exception for the entire Hollywood league. For six-figure sums, you can have the former Pussycat Dolls member to yourself. However, anyone who thinks of shady romantic meetings with the sexy Nicole Scherzinger is wrong.

Nicole Scherzinger was a sinfully expensive gift

The curious reservations are more about small serenades by Nicole Scherzinger, as the newspaper “Daily Star” reports. According to the magazine, a Russian oligarch is said to have paid € 127,000 for a personal appearance by the Hawaiian beauty. The expensive pleasure took place, fittingly, in an elegant London club, where the Russian celebrated his birthday.

Nicole Scherzinger sings a serenade for big budgets

“The birthday boy is crazy about Nicole, so it was worth all the money to him. She had two dancers with her and she put on a really sharp performance. It looked amazing, the best birthday present “enthused a guest at the party who was allowed to attend Nicole Scherzinger’s private appearance. The appearance of the ex-jury of the British edition of the casting show “X-Factor” seems to have excited at least everyone present. Nicole Scherzinger and her entourage, on the other hand, shouldn’t be particularly interested in the Russian party community after singing. And I kept partying at a different club until the early hours of the morning. “Nicole was drunk when she left the club”revealed a guest at the “Daily Star” party.

It is granted that Nicole Scherzinger can win such sums of money with a short appearance. After all, the singer-dancer worked on her career for a long time and earned celebrity status. After all, Nicole Scherzinger has to earn a living and laboriously earn all her expensive designer pieces …

Image Credit: Danny E. Martindale / Getty Images