Nicole Scherzinger tiene que esforzarse para entrenar

Nicole Scherzinger has to strain to train

Nicole Scherzinger has to strain to train

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Nicole Scherzinger is one of the sexiest women in the world. But even if it doesn’t seem like it, she also has to push herself to stick with her training schedule more and more often. Life in London in particular poses problems for Nicole Scherzinger.

If you asked women around the world which celebrity body they were going to die for, Nicole Scherzinger’s name would certainly not be mentioned just once. Since the beginning of her career with the Pussycat Dolls a good 10 years ago, the beautiful singer not only inspires with a fantastic voice, but also an incredible body! A muscular stomach, beautiful curves and well toned legs made Nicole Scherzinger the dream of many men and a role model for hundreds of women in no time.

Nicole Scherzinger has a great figure and does a lot for her

But even a superstar like Nicole Scherzinger can’t just lay back on the couch and stay in perfect shape. A regular exercise program is a must to keep your body in shape, and Nicole Scherzinger can’t help but get up to go to the gym. The 36-year-old is currently featuring her workout success on the cover of “Cosmopolitan Body,” revealing that she is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain her fitness level.

For Nicole Scherzinger, sport is like pulling teeth

In an interview with the magazine, Lewis Hamilton’s friend confessed that she is like any other woman, whose weight fluctuates less and less, and requires more and more discipline to keep her body in shape: “For many years I trained every day, but now that I am 30 years old I feel like my teeth were pulled out,” says Nicole Scherzinger honestly. Life in London often makes it difficult for her to eat healthy, because when it’s cold outside, she prefers a delicious panini with melted cheese than serving herself at the salad bar. It’s comforting that Nicole Scherzinger has the same problems as us, right?

For Nicole Scherzinger, sports and a healthy diet are simply part of her life. However, from time to time she also has to make up her mind not to throw away her good intentions. But maybe we can learn a part of Nicole Scherzinger’s ambition for the new year!

Image Source: Getty Images / Tristan Fewings