Nicole Scherzinger es una gata gris

Nicole Scherzinger is a gray cat

Nicole Scherzinger is a gray cat


wantedon 05.12.2014 | 17:30

A beautiful woman cannot distort anything – this phrase definitely applies to Nicole Scherzinger. Because, as the latest snapshot from her Instagram account shows, the 36-year-old still looks ultra sexy, even with gray hair.

Whoops, what happened there? Did Nicole Scherzinger dye her hair? No, do not worry! The first woman from “Pussycat Dolls” can only be redesigned for her new project. Because until the end of February Nicole Scherzinger will play the lonely and excluded former glamor cat “Grizabella” in the musical “Cats”. The piece will premiere next Saturday at the London Palladium.

“I’m currently trying on my Grizabella wig with the legendary John Napier for cats,” explains Nicole Scherzinger along with a snapshot she took in the mirror. With a serious expression, she lets the costume designer adjust her new stubborn gray mane. You can’t see her costume in this photo, but Nicole Scherzinger gives her fans an impression of her long cat tail with another image.

Nicole Scherzinger: Your bosses are very satisfied with their performance

“She’s a very good actress,” said Andrew Lloyd Webber, author of “Cats,” and director Trevor Nunn is also enthusiastic about the 36-year-old’s abilities: “It is an incredible ability to be able to live a song like that“, he said. But Nicole Scherzinger herself was less satisfied with her performance. She said she still had a lot of work to do before she could be satisfied with her performance. “But the song is in me”, she is sure, “I know a lot about Grizabella and the ugly life she had to lead”.

Even as a pussycat, Nicole Scherzinger was able to skillfully stage herself. She should do as well as “Cat.” We are excited to see how the sexy singer’s performance will be received in the musical “Cats.” How the 36-year-old makes herself on stage as “Grizabella”, the audience will see next Saturday at the earliest.

Image Sources: Getty Images / AFP / Ben Stansall; Instagram / nicolescherzy