Nihan0311: Entrevista

Nihan0311: Interview

Nihan0311: Interview

But Nihan doesn’t just record videos, a lot is happening in her private life too. The YouTuber is about to get married and is currently planning her big day at full speed. She told us how her wedding should be and what dress she dreams of …

Nihan interview

Mä How did you become a YouTuber?

Nihan: I was a viewer and then I wanted to make videos myself. Then I bought my first camera and I quickly enjoyed it. Then I got hooked and kept making new videos. And so I became a YouTuber.

Mä What other Youtubers do you like and who are your role models?

Nihan: At first there weren’t that many Youtubers. But I found Ebrus Beauty Lounge, for example, very good, as did some others. These are great girls who have always been natural and haven’t pretended to be.

Mä Which of your videos are particularly popular?

Nihan: Especially challenges with my brother and comedy videos too. I think a lot of people like that because it’s entertaining.

Mä Do you like to read. What are you reading right now?

Nihan: Unfortunately, I didn’t have that much time to read at this point.

Mä Your wedding is coming up soon. How are the preparations going?

Nihan: Planning is in full swing. We celebrate quite traditional and small by Turkish standards. But we want to keep it very familiar and in a small group.

Mä What kind of dress will you wear?

Nihan: A very pompous, large wedding dress with lots of tulle and especially striking.

Mä What other Youtubers are you friends with?

Nihan: Almost everyone you know from the beauty or comedy industry.

Mä You have a lot of confidence. Do you have any advice for shy girls?

Nihan: It’s always hard to say: just reach out to people and smile when you don’t have that in you. But I think life is too short not to try. After all, you have nothing to lose. Test it. It will work.

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