Nikki Reed no está celosa

Nikki Reed is not jealous

Nikki Reed is not jealous

Flirting with others on set?

wantedon 01/28/2015 | 14:13

We recently reported that Nikki Reed and her fiancé Ian Somerhalder are in favor of a strict separation of work and private life; The 26-year-old doesn’t want to be seen on set either. Will that be his downfall now? Because during breaks, the “Vampire Diaries” star and his ex Nina Dobrev are said to have become very close recently. How does Nikki Reed deal with these supposed advances?

Nikki Reed is not jealous

It must be hard enough for Ian Somerhalder and his ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev to imitate a pair of lovers in sex-laden scenes almost every day in front of the camera, but now Nikki Reed is said to have a real reason to be jealous. Because, as “HollywoodLife” reports, Nina Dobrev is doing everything she can to break up the newly in love dream couple. During breaks, he is said to have laid his head on Ian’s shoulder. But Nikki Reed evidently doesn’t get upset that easily.

“Nikki Reed is not concerned about anything that worries Ian Somerhalder, not even when it comes to looking for other women,” a source told the online portal “Hollywood Life”. “She refuses to be jealous and until Ian has done something wrong, which she didn’t expect, she doesn’t want to mistrust Ian in the least.” Does the brunette beauty not let go of the lines?

Nikki Reed believes in her boyfriend’s professionalism

Nina and Ian are just friends?

But the source continues chattering: “Nikki Reed knows that everything revolves around directing for him and this opportunity is very important to him. She gets along with the professionalism of Ian Somerhalder and understands that he needs to continue working with Nina Dobrev. She also supports the fact that the two want to keep their friendship. ” The once close relationship between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had to suffer greatly from the heartthrob’s love story in the recent past.

Nikki Reed is apparently very sure of her fiancé’s love; There is no other way to explain the irrepressible confidence that the 26-year-old has in him. Let’s hope Ian Somerhalder doesn’t take advantage of his girlfriend’s generous behavior and that the cute pause in filming on the set of “Vampire Diaries” was really only meant to be friendly.Image Sources: Getty Images / Valerie Macon; Getty Images / Kevin Winter