Nikki Reed fue hospitalizada por agotamiento

Nikki Reed was hospitalized for exhaustion

Nikki Reed was hospitalized for exhaustion

Acute exhaustion

wantedon 07/17/2015 | 11:43

Both on her Instagram page and in her new weekly column “Elle,” Nikki Reed advocates a healthy and mindful life, but she doesn’t seem to always adhere to this principle at the moment. Last weekend, Ian Somerhalder’s wife was spontaneously admitted to the hospital, the reason: exhaustion and dehydration! Is Nikki Reed too daring?

Nikki Reed had to go to the hospital …

Not only is the annual Comic-Con in California a true highlight for comic book and science fiction fans, many stars are now regulars at the international fair. Nikki Reed has been a welcome guest since her role in “Twilight,” but unfortunately this year the fans didn’t get much of it. The 27-year-old had to leave the event prematurely because she was struggling with a sore throat that eventually landed her in the hospital.

During the examination, the doctors quickly discovered that Nikki Reed was exhausted and dehydrated, and the actress quickly found an explanation for this: “Nikki said it was probably because he flew a lot for work commitments. He was in 20 different cities to work in eight days “a source told the New York Daily News. That really sounds like Nikki Reed’s life is very stressful right now and like she’s about to cut something back.

Nikki Reed doesn’t skimp

… but then he kept celebrating

But instead of enjoying a break after the minor breakdown with a night in the hospital and recharging the batteries, Nikki Reed continued as before. She first hopped on the plane to Atlanta to visit her lover Ian Somerhalder, who is currently filming season 7 of “Vampire Diaries.” He then moved on to Nashville, where he had fun at a party for the whiskey maker “Bonnie Rose.” Apparently, there was no chance that Nikki Reed would be saved there. Although the 27-year-old “spoke a little more calmly and calmly,” she “danced with country bands and drank Bonnie Rose cocktails,” a source told the newspaper. Even in the coming weeks, Nikki Reed will have little time to relax. In addition to a column for “Elle,” she will soon be in front of the camera regularly for the third season of the “Sleepy Hollow.” After all, the filming takes place in Atlanta, so Ian Somerhalder can keep an eye on his wife by taking more care of herself.

We would have expected Nikki Reed, in particular, to be more careful with herself and, at the latest, slow down a bit after her hospital stay. But apparently the beautiful actress wants to use her professional career to advance her career. And you can’t really blame Nikki Reed for that. Hopefully you understood your body’s warning.

Image Sources: Getty Images / Jason Merritt; Getty Images / Terry Wyatt