Nina Dobrev: ¿Está dejando The Vampire Diaries por celos?

Nina Dobrev: Are you leaving The Vampire Diaries out of jealousy?

Nina Dobrev: Are you leaving The Vampire Diaries out of jealousy?

Series out?

wantedthe 08/09/2014 | 17:09

The sixth season of the hit series “Vampire Diaries” will soon begin on American television. But fans of vampires apparently must be very strong: it is assumed from various sides that there will be no more season. Because Nina Dobrev’s ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder apparently makes the air thick on set. An insider has now revealed what exactly causes Nina Dobrev to leave the series.

Nina Dobrev is with Ian Somerhalder the protagonist of the series “Vampire Diaries” and also in private the two were a couple for almost two years. But love shouldn’t last forever: In 2013, the two broke up, but they’re still together in front of the camera. Ian Somerhalder has overcome the breakup and is now with fellow actress Nikki Reed, while Nina Dobrev is still single. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the atmosphere on the set of “Vampire Diaries” was bad.

Nina Dobrev wants to leave “Vampire`s Diaries”

Last month, Nina Dobrev’s ex-boyfriend indicated that “The Vampire Diaries” could soon come to an end. “It is very possible that this is the last season”, revealed the actor to the online portal “Digital Spy”. Ian Somerhalder had not given a reason for this. Perhaps the 35-year-old did not want to admit at the time that he himself could be to blame for the stress. Because now an insider suspects that Nina Dobrev still hasn’t gotten over the breakup and can’t bear her new relationship.Nina Dobrev no longer wants to see her ex

The insider is said to have told the online portal “Celebritydirtylaundry” that Nina Dobrev had had an incredibly difficult time on the set of “Vampire Diaries” since she parted ways with Ian Somerhalder. But it was only when he started taking his new girlfriend Nikki Reed on the set that it seems like he has become too much for the actress. Therefore, Nina Dobrev should be determined to turn her back on the series after season six. However, the source suspects that his well-developing film career could also be the reason for the final blow. Does not matter. What is now true: without the 25-year-old, the continuation of “Vampire Diaries” is hardly conceivable.

Sad news for all vampire fans: The popular “Vampire Diaries” series is apparently on the brink of collapse. Leading actress Nina Dobrev reportedly can’t bear to see her colleague and ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder on set with someone else. We can at least wait for season six and hope Nina Dobrev changes her mind in the meantime.Image Source: Getty Images / Ben Gabbe