¡"Ninette - Thin no es lo suficientemente delgada" está nominada para un premio!

“Ninette – Thin is not thin enough” is nominated for an award!

"Ninette - Thin is not thin enough" is nominated for an award!

What is “Ninette – Thin is not thin” about?

Janette is the main character in the interactive comic. “Ninette – thin is not thin enough”. A project of the Interactive Media Foundation, made possible by Ingvild Goetz Philanthropy. It is drawn with great attention to detail. the story of 14 year old Janette Account: How he entered the vortex of anorexia, but found his way back to life with therapeutic help and the support of his friends and family. In eleven episodes we accompany Janette on her way to her.

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Give Ninette your vote in the Grimme Online Award from the audience! This award is one of the most recognized quality awards in Germany for online journalism. More than 1200 network offers were received in the Grimme Online Award, 28 successfully reached the final. Including the graphic novel “Ninette – thin is not thin enough” on the topic of eating disorders.

You can vote for Ninette and help educate more girls about anorexia. Just click the link above and vote! The winners will be in June 30, 2017 chosen in Colonia Flora.

All eleven episodes of “Ninette – thin is not thin enough”

Suddenly everything is different for Janette (14): since her body developed these feminine forms, the boys only find her with suggestive looks and malicious sayings. Even her swimming coach accuses her of indiscipline when it comes to food. How can Songül and Lisa deal with the new situation so relaxed?

episode 1