Nintendo Classic costs 50 euros at Otto, that’s why it’s a bargain

UPDATE: Price and availability

The new Game & Watch console will be available from November 13 and will also be available in Germany. What was not mentioned initially is the European price. But now this secret has also been revealed. Because you can now pre-order the Nintendo console at numerous retailers, or at least it was recently. The Game & Watch is already sold out at Amazon, while Saturn and MediaMarkt have raised the original purchase price from 48.73 to 58.47 euros. At Otto, the console still costs 48.73 euros (plus shipping). But it is not clear if the price will remain at this level in the long term.

The Nintendo console is back

Over the course of the 35th anniversary of the popular “Super Mario Bros” game, Nintendo has planned some special features for fans. One of them is the new edition of the first portable Nintendo Game & Watch console, which was first introduced in Japan in 1980, no less than 40 years ago. Since then, the device has been sold more than 43 million times around the world.

Whoever buys the new and old Nintendo console has access to three classic games: “Super Mario Bros.”, “Super Mario Bros .: The Lost Levels” and “Ball” (in the Mario version). In addition, Game & Watch, true to its name, also offers a special digital clock that plays one of 35 different animations depending on the time. Mario’s friends and opponents also have some guest appearances.

New old style console

The similarity of the new Nintendo console to the classic Game & Watch variant is unmistakable. And yet, Nintendo has made the 2020 version much more convenient. On the one hand, the new edition has a modern control element. On the other hand, as already mentioned, players can choose from three games, some of which can be played completely in color.

On original Nintendo handhelds, on the other hand, only one game was played at a time, and the colors couldn’t even be dreamed of back then. Last but not least, Nintendo has also replaced button cells with a modern battery. You can charge it through the USB Type-C port and then use it for up to eight hours. Nostalgia is fine, but comfort is obviously a higher priority for Nintendo, and possibly many users as well.

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