Nintendo Switch: según Nintendo, el mayor problema apenas merece ser mencionado

Nintendo Switch: According to Nintendo, the biggest problem hardly deserves to be mentioned

Nintendo Switch: According to Nintendo, the biggest problem hardly deserves to be mentioned

Although the Nintendo Switch still sells like sliced ​​bread more than 3 years after its release, the console has some problems. Nintendo is currently testing for one of them, but according to the manufacturer, that’s not worth mentioning.

Drift Joy-Con on the Switch: Nintendo showed its understanding

Nintendo Switch inspires gamers around the world. Whether mobile or fixed on television, despite its age, the console is more in demand than ever. But since it went on sale 3.5 years ago, the Switch has been struggling with a problem that drives many gamers crazy: Joy-Con drift. After a while, the analog sticks of the switch controller will start to send little inputs to the consoles, that are not made by the player.

In mid-year, Nintendo admitted its mistake, apologized to gamers, and offered a free repair, but the issue is far from off the table. A class action lawsuit against Nintendo is still pending in the United States, exposing exactly this problem.

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Player vs. Nintendo: Joy-Con drift “not a real problem”

According to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, the Joy-Con drift for Nintendo “is not a real problem” and “has not caused any problems for anyone,” according to an email shared on Reddit. To prove otherwise in court and Nintendo, the plaintiff’s attorneys are now asking clients to send them short videos showing the Joy-Con drift problems in action.

Regardless, the Nintendo Switch is still a really good console! Especially if you follow these tricks:

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Plaintiff does not appear to be primarily seeking damages, but hopes to induce Nintendo in this way to reconsider and revise the design of the Joy-Cons. However, it will take some time before a dispute is reached or an agreement can be reached between the two parties. GIGA will keep you informed as soon as there is news.