No hay peligro

No danger

No danger

+ + Why can they eat anything and I get fat? + +

Every movement, every proportion of the body and every gram that the girls ingest is observed by the public. And when Heidi Klum drops two kebabs, all that’s left in front of the TV is frustration. After all, you gain weight with every gram, but not with the one on television!

++ GNTM should do more education! + +

Potential models give their ‘me’ before the show and only do what Heidi Klum & Co. wants, according to the study. Your own needs and feelings are put on hold and it only counts to adapt to the requirements. Respondents demand that the program provide more education and states that slim models must be so thin, which is typical for business, but not necessarily health promoting and certainly not up to the norm.

An 18-year-old girl said the following: “Many of the girls who take part in Germany’s Next Top Model are just so thin (not all, but some), they don’t do much sport or pay much attention to their diet. So the question arose, why am I not like this? I quickly came to the conclusion that this question was not going to get me anywhere and I started (not just because of that!) To lose weight, to do a lot of sports. In my head I was / is firmly anchored: when I am thin, everything is easier. Lifetime. Which is true in a way. I mean I didn’t become anorexic because of GNTM, but it still played a role. And today I am deliberately NOT looking at it! Because it would really drive anorexia again. “

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