No "Cómo conocí a tu papá"!

No "How i met your dad"!

No "How i met your dad"!

+ + This is what HIMYD should look like + +

Departure becomes the equivalent of Ted and Greta gerwig juice. Like Ted, he tells his children how he met their father. At the beginning of the series, she plays with the idea of ​​separating from her husband Gavin, with whom she has only been together for a year. It goes without saying that of course your friends shouldn’t be missing. The old MacLaren’s Pub will also be the group’s meeting point in the new spin-off.

++ Drew Tarver as Todd ++

Next to Greta Gerwig is the quite unknown Drew tarver Confirmed for a role in HIMYD. Drew plays Sally’s best friend: Todd. It will be your gay roommate in college. He is also married to Sally’s brother, Danny (Andrew Santino). And after Sally separates from her husband, Todd convinces her to move in with him and Danny.

+ + Lawyer Danny + +

Sally’s older brother Danny he’s less excited about having to live with his sister again. He is an overly ambitious and overly correct lawyer who has nothing in common with his chaotic and somewhat disoriented sister. However, the two are there for each other. No actor has been confirmed for the brother yet.

+ + Best friend Juliet + +

And to complete the five-man team, as is also the case with Barney, Robin, Lily, Marshall and Ted, only Sally’s best friend and her best friend’s work colleague are missing. The best friend Juliet is from Tiya Sircar accepted. She plays a sexy party girl who makes a living blogging about fashion topics. As he thinks Sally’s ex-husband is boring, he is not particularly sad about the separation and is available to give advice and help to his friend.

+ + The nerd Frank + +

Finally there Frank (Nick D’Agosto), the handsome technician from Juliet’s blog who is quite nerdy but has genuine feelings for Sally. Will you respond at some point?

We are curious to see if there will ever be a HIMYM spinoff and what it will look like in the end. Will you stay with the actors and the story will be as intended? Or is there a story about the mother when she met Ted after all? It’s still exciting!

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