El software de Samsung revela nuevas funciones de la cámara del Galaxy S11 / S20

No more electronic models: Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra

Samsung software reveals new Galaxy S11 / S20 camera features

Samsung should not only throw the electronic model overboard for the next generation S, but also change the names and introduce an ultra device.

After a single generation, there should be no more electronic models of the Galaxy S smartphones; Starting next year, the base will not be a Samsung Galaxy S11, but we expect a change in the digits after the S to 20. There are already rumors about it from various sides, so we should take this issue seriously in a way. slowly but surely. I already explained in another post why this makes a lot of sense.

Why can this happen: Samsung Galaxy S20 instead of Galaxy S11?

Samsung cancels the Galaxy S20e

In the year ending, Samsung offered the Galaxy S10e in a very compact form factor and with high-end hardware. This device should no longer exist in the new generation. Instead, a Galaxy S20 Ultra can be expected, that is, a new top model. More or less, there was already (almost) a device with a 6.9 ″ screen in the form of the Galaxy S10 5G. It was just a little bit smaller. From today’s perspective, the following models can be expected:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 with 6.2 ″ screen
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 + with 6.7 ″ screen
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with 6.9 ″ screen

Like I said, these are rumors. None of this has to be set in stone. We will discover more in a few months.