No más cosquillas

No more tickling

That is why it does not work if you tickle yourself, because the brain can plan in advance where to tickle next and therefore does not put us on alert. And it is precisely this knowledge that you can use for the next tickle attack. You just have to put your hand on the hand that is tickling you. So you know exactly where to tickle next, and the brain evaluates this action as harmless. Cool right?

Tickle attacks are super fun and amusing. But did you know that tickling was also used as a torture method in the Middle Ages? The victim’s feet were publicly restrained, and the soles of her bare feet were tickled by anyone who passed by. The torture was made worse when the soles of the feet were rubbed with salt and the goats licked the salt with their rough tongues. OMG!

And another crazy fact: Animals are super delicate too! Chimpanzees, giraffes, or rats, for example, also react to tickling. Mega-cute: it makes another difference if you like the person who tickles you or not. The more we like them, the more ticklish we are. If we find the person quite stupid, the body defends itself much more strongly and does not even engage in tickling.