Aplicaciones: WhatsApp obtiene pegatinas animadas, Facebook obtiene el modo oscuro y las extensiones de Firefox 3

No-Nonsense Games: Ad-Free Android Games List & In-App Purchases

Apps: WhatsApp gets animated stickers, Facebook gets dark mode and Firefox 3 extensions

A small website offers users a service where they can only find premium games without in-app purchases or advertising. The community can help itself.

Games, apps, and the internet in general are often dominated by advertising these days. Ads enable the provision of services and content for free. Good for both parties, but often blatantly exploited. Mobile games in particular are now crammed with ads that often interrupt the flow of the game. Or in-app purchases, which means users are regularly asked to pay for hassle-free fun. Sometimes almost forced, because free games are practically impossible to play without purchased content. Now users go on the “counterattack” and defend themselves.

Classic Model: Premium Gaming Initiative

No-Bullshit Games is a small website where users can submit games that are ad-free or require the purchase of individual content. Only games that fall into the classic premium category should appear here. Pay once, get all for it. At the time of writing, 256 titles have already been compiled in the Android area, including The Room series and other popular titles. Any interested Android user can help fill out this list.

Although in-app purchases are generally a good idea, this topic has often developed quite negatively in recent years. Many people are probably still familiar with Coin Master. An absurdly successful and widely publicized Android app for printing money and milking users. Until now, users have been left to their own devices to discover or ignore the black sheep. It just doesn’t always work.

In-app purchases are even a serious addiction trigger today.

In-app purchases dominate: the German app market is also growing steadily