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No wax

No wax

No wax means something like “honest” and Wesel’s four friends in the Lower Rhine prove that you can write your own songs and make great music without a casting program, career-minded parents or successful producers. His role models are old rock stunners like the Foo Fighters or Thin Lizzy and you can hear that too. No wax – These are: Yannick Dahl (16), vocals Florian Blaswich (17), guitar Jonas Nühlen (17), bass Tino Wilczewski (15), drums Your songs are about annoying parents (“Leaving Home”), the suicide attempt of a friend (“No School Today”) Or a schoolmate’s planned uproar, which the police barely managed to avoid. The texts of No wax They are so authentic and their rock sound is so exciting that the guys quickly won a record deal.

What’s so special about no wax?The special thing is probably that we are completely old school, that means we are full of old clothes like Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and Kiss. So our own music is not like that of most young bands either. So alternative-indie-stencil. It rocks with us.What does your band name mean?“Without wax” means “sincere” and we are because we are not plastic tape. We can play our songs completely live and we haven’t used any “canned tricks” in the studio.How did they come together as a band?Well, Tino our drummer and I are cousins ​​and have always been together. In 2005 we started making music together. Then we met Jonas at a friend’s wedding. And he met Yannick and brought him back with him. What do you like to do when you are not in the rehearsal room?Relax, party, go to concerts.What would you do if your professional music career didn’t work out?Good question. We believe in what is ours. And if the first album “We Should Believe” doesn’t sell 100,000 copies right away, we certainly won’t stop or something. We do it because we enjoy it, but if one day the band was no more, I would try to become a teacher. Jonas would then do his Abitur first. Yannick doesn’t have a plan B at all, and neither does Tino.

What if Dieter Bohlen produced an album with you?It would be his last production. Not seriously. That and us, that doesn’t fit at all!Who would you like to be on stage with?Fall Out Boy, Foo FightersIs it easier for girls to get along when you say you play in a band?So they definitely find it very exciting. So “tell me what are you experimenting with the band” and so on. It is fun.Do you all have a girlfriend?At the moment I am the only one with a stable girlfriend. The others are yet to be given away.What famous girl would you like to date?Flo: Rachel Bilson (but don’t tell my girlfriend) Yannick: Sarah Chalke Tino: Nora Tschirner Jonas: Uma Thurman

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