Nokia: la marca de teléfonos inteligentes está volviendo al modo de crisis

Nokia: the smartphone brand is reverting to crisis mode

Nokia: the smartphone brand is returning to crisis mode

After a good start, Hmd Global swam with them, but for months it has been difficult to sell Nokia smartphones. Is the third accident looming?

Nokia once slept through a trend and had to painfully pay for it. After the era of mobile phones, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android quickly took over the smartphone market. At some point, the part of Nokia responsible for mobile devices ended up at Microsoft, but even then all attempts to have successful smartphones went awry. The third attempt has been made for some years. Under the new name Hmd Global, Nokia should once again become a household name in the industry. Has it already failed after three years?

Hmd had started strong, the new Nokia offered quite attractive Android smartphones at good prices. However, some unique selling points were quickly missed, and Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, and other Android makers quickly had something to counter the new competition. To this day, there has never been a Nokia crack, the flagship model could never be developed. Most recently, the world’s first 5G smartphone was shown, but it should hardly be of interest to today’s end customers.

Introduced Nokia 8.3 5G – with Snapdragon 765G chip

Decline since the second quarter of 2019

In short, according to the sales figures, we see that a certain size has been reached but it has never been exceeded. More recently, things went downhill again for Hmd, an unstoppable trend since the second half of 2019. It is also notable that one only succeeds with feature phones; smartphone sales currently aren’t even enough for the world’s top 10.

In the first quarter of 2020, Hmd sold more than 8.6 million cell phones and only 1.7 million smartphones, in the last quarter of 2019 there were 15 million cell phones and 2.8 million smartphones. In the second quarter of 2019, a record 4.8 million smartphones were sold, and things have been going downhill ever since. Unique in the still young history of Hmd.

If we look at our market, manufacturers like Xiaomi dominate Nokia’s price range. Personally, I didn’t think that Nokia had become so irrelevant as a brand.

Xiaomi again winner: the smartphone market at the beginning of the year Corona

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