¡No modelos flacos!

Not skinny models!

According to “Stylebook.de”, the French Ministry of Health now wants to ban mad anorexia. Anyone who advertises with starvation pegs faces a fine of up to 75,000 euros and a month in prison. Agencies now have to provide medical evidence for their models, where BMI (body mass index) can also be viewed.

The BMI value describes the relationship between weight and height and should be at least 18. This is still the lower limit of normal weight and very slim. So if a model is 1.80 meters tall, it must weigh at least 58.5 kilograms. Many of the models you see at trade shows don’t weigh close to 50 pounds.

The law will be voted on on March 31, 2015. We are very curious to see if it will find enough supporters in the French parliament!

After Thigh Gap and Bikini-Bridge, another part of the body becomes a crazy trend this year: the Mons Pubis!

Plus, psychologists have now figured it out: if you constantly count calories, you get fat! Don’t you think? Look at the video: