P40 Pro Plus: nuevo teléfono inteligente Huawei, de todas las cosas, primero en el país de Trump

Note on Huawei phones: Android is a Google brand, but we do not offer Google apps

P40 Pro Plus: Huawei new smartphone, of all things, first in Trump country

Huawei had long tried not to have to make Google apps constantly missing a topic, now this information is directly under promise for the future.

Huawei continues to use Android as the operating system for new smartphones, but cannot offer any Google apps or services. Although the Android operating system is basically entirely from Google, it is maintained and developed. But there is an open source version and therefore freely available that virtually anyone can use. The use of Android on Huawei smartphones is still possible; the US government trade embargo does not apply here.

Huawei seems to have to pinpoint missing Google apps more clearly

Google seems to have a problem with this constellation. Or at least now it should be clearer that the Android operating system does not automatically mean access to Google services. Huawei obviously had to add a text to the promise for the future, which on the one hand refers to the missing Google applications and on the other hand to the license to use the Android logo.

Google Apps and some other applications are not available. Colors, shapes, interfaces and functions serve as samples only. Product appearance and functions may vary. The Android ™ robot logo was reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and is used for attribution under the terms of the Creative Commons 3.0 license. Android ™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

So the words chosen today are different. While Huawei initially wanted to highlight a positive feature with promise for the future, the clear downsides are now also written on the same page. It is still so small that it does not attract attention. Also, the focus should be on the features offered, such as AppGallery, updates and service.

This change is quite negative for Huawei, but it creates more transparency for the consumer at first glance. So there are different angles and effects.