Wlan Box para Android Auto pasa por las nubes: con estos autos funciona

Nothing is more distracting than Android Auto

Wlan Box for Android Auto goes through the roof: with these cars it works

Android Auto and Apple Carplay are said to be very distracting to drivers, a study wants to be able to prove. In fact, nothing should distract you anymore.

You can argue about modern services in vehicles, because new possibilities can also be very distracting to the driver. In the past it was phone calls and SMS messages, today it is WhatsApp or even complete infotainment systems and associated software. A new study claims that new smartphone services in particular are highly distracting and provide longer response times for drivers. Android Auto and Apple Carplay are said to delay driver response times by more than 50%. Nothing is distracting anymore, at least when it comes to touch input.

Android Auto is very distracting, Carplay even more

But even voice input still requires drivers to overthink these days. That also distracts from traffic. The study should also be able to show that Apple’s software still lags behind Android Auto. Cannabis and alcohol are said to have less of an impact on drivers, which is quite surprising. But there are reasons to doubt the following study results:

Aside from the easy-to-use software, the position of the displays in the vehicle also plays an important role. The higher and closer to the windshield, the less distraction the infotainment is. Additionally, it is difficult or easy for each user to use voice input or touch input.

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