Notificaciones: el navegador Chrome pronto será menos molesto

Notifications: Chrome browser will soon be less annoying

Google Chrome will soon have improvements built in so that notification requests will bother us less in the future.

Currently, almost all websites ask users to allow website notifications to be sent. A really annoying trend for a few years, but browser developers are doing something about it. Google is now announcing some changes to Chrome 80, which will be implemented on the go and on the desktop. Google itself has recognized that constant notification requests from many websites lead to a poor user experience. This is why there are new Chrome 80 features that have been needed for a long time.

Google relies on a smart system instead of shutting everything down completely. A “quieter user interface for notification authorizations” is activated automatically if the respective user blocks these requests in principle. Or even for websites where most users are not interested in notifications. Starting with Chrome 80, this innovation can also be activated manually, according to the Google blog post.

More barriers to abuse in the future

“Later in 2020, we plan to provide an additional application against malicious websites that use web notifications for ads, malware or for deceptive purposes. This app will be described in detail in a future blog post. “

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